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2012 Olympics opening ceremony: Return of the Antichrist

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:22 am    Post subject: 2012 Olympics opening ceremony: Return of the Antichrist Reply with quote

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Return of the Antichrist - part 1

The Illuminati are hell bent on ushering in a New World Order under the Antichrist. They have been building and preparing his kingdom. We're talking about the instauration of their version of Heaven on Earth. Some people are going as far as saying that the baby of William and Catherine will be the human host of the Antichrist, while others are saying that William is the Antichrist himself. While I think these are very hard accusations to prove, they do make sense on an abstract level as we will see. The Antichrist is primarily an energy, a state of mind that is taking over more and more hosts on this planet. The Antichrist is a form of energy just as much as the Christic energy of genuine enlightenment. The Antichrist has no heart, no fruit, no spirit, and so he must take yours for his sustenance / life.

This analysis will show that the Antichrist is being unearthed from the depths of hell back into this world. This is happening in our time. Whenever you see something that symbolizes a cave, a hole, or from under a tree, know that it's pointing to his return.


There is a chance that the 2012 Olympics in London will produce a ritual that will Anoint the Man of Lawlessness.


The historic tales of the Bible covertly teach concerning our day of age, and concisely point to one significant event that proves during this decade beginning in 2010 is the time the New World Order will dominate humanity and the Man of Lawlessness/Antichrist will arrive to rule the world as God. However, the deceptive manor of arrival, uniting humanity, and gaining the approval are a devious, cunning nature. [gus: oneness mentality is his weapon of choice]

The opening ceremony, which is said to have taken inspiration from Shakespeares' The Tempest, was ALL about the Rise of the Antichrist.

The themed show was appropriately named "Isle of Wonders" by director Danny Boyle in hope to celebrate everything that is "unique and special" to the British Isles. [Note: Eden's Isle = Garden of Eden]

The stadium was dressed for Boyle's vision of "a green and pleasant land". We can see a maypole, a waterwheel, a tree on a hill and fluffy floating clouds.



Along with picnicking families and a village cricket team, livestock - including ten chickens, ten ducks, nine geese, 30 sheep, three cows and two goats - looks set to play a role in Boyle's pastoral vision for the ceremony, which also features real grass, rivers, an oak tree, a model of Glastonbury Tor and giant maypoles topped with a thistle, a leek, a rose and flax.

The tree of the Antichrist is the barren oak tree. It is not the Tree of Life. They (Illuminists) worship the Tree of Knowledge (Good and Evil) which they believe will set them free from the real Creator / God. Notice the connection with the rebellious behavior of Lucifer, who is undoubtedly their god. They worship knowledge (gnosis), not spirituality. They believe that knowledge alone will set them free, not righteousness and spirituality.

In Western pagan traditions, the oak tree and eternity are often correlated, providing an alternative structure to the Christian view of regeneration. The Antichrist is related to the Ouroborus symbol, which represents the quest for eternal life. He has to continually be reborn into the physical world to maintain his life. Yet those who are born of the Spirit are already gifted with eternal life beyond the physical plane; they do not need to continuously re-incarnate in order to live.

In Lars von Trier's movie Antichrist (2009), a couple goes to an isolated cabin in the woods (appropriately called Eden) where they spend some time doing sessions of psychotherapy until all hells breaks loose. There is a scene when the couple has sex under a twisted and dark tree. It is a tree of death that appears in a position against the proverbial tree of life; it's phallic-looking and has a strange rooty vaginal opening, a cavernous hole at its base that deceptively invites the protagonists for womblike shelter. When the female character mentions that "Nature is Satan's Church", we can instantly draw a parallel between Satan and the forest, with the oak tree representing his infamous ambisexual organ.

Satan is often depicted as a monstrous hermaphrodite, that is, a beast that possesses both sexual organs. Hermaphoditism also has to do with infertility - the result of unnatural FUSION. It is not uncommon for hermaphrodites to be infertile / sterile in real life. The theme of infertility nicely connects with the myth of the fruitless tree that will be discussed later.

On another note, the shelter reference fits in with the theory that the Antichrist will be advertised as the savior of the world, who will then offer a safe haven to all of his followers. Trees are known to provide shelter from wind and rain. [Note: Shakespeare's 'The Tempest']

"Abide in me, take refuge in me," says the Antichrist. "You will be safe under my umbrella."

(See the lyrics of Rihanna's song 'Umbrella' for a better understanding of why members of the so-called elite believe that the Antichrist / Satan will provide them with protection during the End Times.)

Now let us continue with the Olympics ceremony. Connect the previous analysis with when the industrial workers came out from under the tree. The scenario suddenly changed and we begun to see the machinations of the Antichrist take shape as the Industrial Revolution.


The display culminates with 5 rings of red-hot metal arriving from the sky from different directions to form the Olympic logo in mid-air... Once together, all rings started raining light!


Lucifero -> Lucis - Ferre -> "Lucis" stands for light, "Ferre" for bringer or bearer, yet there is a connection with Iron, considering that "Ferre" is very close to "Ferrum" in Latin. Iron can generate lots of sparks.

The Antichrist is also correlated with the fig tree in the scriptures. When Jesus took a walk during his Passion Week, he saw a fruitless fig tree and cursed it with his disciples observing. It had no fruit, but looked nice with lots of green leaves. The tree was full of leaves, but bore no fruits. He then proceeded to the city of Jerusalem, and into the Temple. Just like the tree, the Temple of God is fruitless. Jesus concludes that the leafy fig tree, with all its promise of fruit, is as deceptive as the temple, which, despite its corrupt religious commerce and activity, is really an outlaw's hideout, a shelter for lawless men.

Many believe that the context of the fig tree represents Israel. The fig tree metaphor must have been used in the Old Testament to describe the Israelites. The lack of fruit is said to represent lack of spirit. This means that the Israel of this passage is cursed, spiritless and awaiting judgment. It's important to understand that Israel is first and foremost a name that is not necessarily restricted to a land, state or nation. While this text is assumed to speak primarily to Israel, one could extend this as a word of warning to everyone in the world. Jesus is looking for genuine spiritual fruit in our lives, but finds only leaves.

................................Apparently, the Temple of Satan is for everyone.

For this and other reasons I tend to share with others a curious but confident belief that the land of Israel referred to by scriptural texts is now England, if not geographically then at lest typologically. It's after all a prophecy, and to corroborate it we have theories saying that the British royal families come from ancient Hebrew or Jewish tribes of the Old Testament, that they settled in NW Europe, and that Queen Elizabeth 1st and others used to refer to England as "Israel". Therefore, it makes sense why Israel is sometimes called as the land of the Antichrist and why there is a lot of British-Israel theological theories. We can also draw many parallels between the "Kingdom of Israel" and the British Monarchy.

Nearly all the prophecy of the Old Testament to the "House of Israel" ("God's holy nations") is fulfilled, not by necessarily by the Jewish people, but by England, countries of Europe and the United States! We are talking about elite families of generational bloodlines running these countries (corporations) from the shadows. They have centers of political, military and religious power residing in Europe and America. The city of London is a major center of the Illuminati, and the United States is but a corporation owned by England.

When you understand what the Illuminati is, the implications are far reaching. Neither jewish people nor Zionists should be taken as the central figures of this story. In fact, a jew is not to be considered an Israelite. The Illuminati jews are those higher up in the tree of descendancy from ancient bloodlines of the "gods"; they do not consider European descended jewish people as pure-blood.

Back to the opening ceremony, we had a young male chorister sing Sir Hubert Parry's setting of William Blake's poem Jerusalem:


William Blake's poem 'Jerusalem'

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England's mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?

And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic mills? (note: reference to the Industrial Revolution)

Bring me my bow of burning gold:
Bring me my arrows of desire:

Bring me my spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire.

I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land.

Interestingly, the same hymn 'Jesuralem' was used at the royal wedding of William and Catherine.

The poem is about REBUILDING paradise, that is, rebuilding the holy land. Rebuilding can also be likened to REBIRTH. According to the prophecy, the fig tree will be replanted, it will blossom again, but also again, the time for figs will be premature and the tree will wither and die before it can bear any fruits. The tree will remain fruitless.

Notice how the fig tree putting forth leaves refers to the rebirth of Israel. But "Israel" in this case is actually referring to a worldwide nation; it's the uniting of all the people in the world, the new Israelites, under a new world order. And since everyone cannot be a "chosen one", then plans for harvest and depopulation must be in place. The rebirth of Israel according to the Bible is to be taken as an essential sign that the End Times are upon us.

By the way, I cannot help but think that "Israel" sounds like Isis + Ra + El, which means "sons of Isis and Ra." We are looking at a modern version of Egypt (Isis and Ra) to be born on the world again, remitting to the ancient times when these monarchs were worshiped as gods on Earth.

Continuing with the fig tree parable, Jesus reminded his disciples of the event. He said to watch for it to bloom again. In other words, he said watch for the rebirth of Israel. He indicated that when the fig tree blooms again, he would be at the gates of Heaven, ready to return. [Note: Second Coming of Jesus]

There you go: the parable can be interpreted in a secretive negative way or in a hopeful positive way. The Illuminati as usual are going along with the negative version, which coincides with the coming of the Antichrist. They replace Christ with its opposite and they try to hijack and turn the prophecy in their favor. They think themselves as the saviors, as the agents of change.

The only variable they keep forgetting is that their tree will wither and die in the end; there will be no spiritual fruit whatsoever. There will be only PAIN and no GAIN.

................................Nations of the world united under the satanic tree.

There is much more to be uncovered on Part 2. Stay tuned!

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