The Final Truth

A Theory of Practice

The Thirteen Intentions of Creation

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  1. 4. Practical considerations
    1. Introduction
    2. Energetics
    3. The frequency of Love
    4. The final truth
    5. Decision making

4. Practical considerations

4.1 Introduction

In this chapter we will learn ways that the knowledge imparted by the Thirteen Intentions of Creation can be applied in practice. It is nonetheless critical that you understand that the Thirteen Intentions are nothing more than a set of tools at your disposal. The Thirteen Intentions should be to you as a number of ways to express and realize your Will (IC #13). Notice how your Will is at the same level as all the Intentions taken as one: Intention #13. Therefore, your Will and the Thirteen Intentions taken as one are the same thing: your Will is composed of 13 Intentions. The key is to live by the law of your Will, which is the same as the Will of the Creator: Love. In this chapter we will present a practical definition for Love that will also serve as a definition for what everyone really wants deep inside.

The first impulse displayed by most people is anxiety associated to the fact that they want to follow and obey the Thirteen Intentions as soon as possible. They want to put themselves under what the Thirteen Intentions represent. The problem is that when they blindly follow the Thirteen Intentions, they are in truth following their own Will disguised as a belief system. It is needless to say that this approach is just another attempt by them to escape self-responsibility. As noted in Chapter 2, all beliefs are self-deception. First and most importantly is that you get to know and understand what the Thirteen Intentions are, and then you can proceed to apply them in your life. Belief in the Thirteen Intentions is very far from being the same as understanding them.

However, even the idea that the Thirteen Intentions can somehow be applied in practice is questionable. The Thirteen Intentions are the programming behind Reality and so everything / everyone already follows them in one way or another. It is irrelevant that we try to apply reality on top of reality because we already do it all the time! You can only really choose to become aware of the underlying plan / programming of Creation or not, and if you do become aware, then your existence and evolution will be much more hassle-free. Again, it all falls down to achieving peace of mind: eEverybody wants to be at peace with themselves; everybody wants to be happy. With greater awareness of the nature of reality, you are able to recognize patterns better, and it is from the recognition of patterns that peace of mind can come.

Anyway, the Thirteen Intentions can be used to manipulate reality at the conscious level to the extent that they allow you to concentrate all of your energy only on a few (i.e., thirteen) things that matter. By concentrating on an Intention you are already concentrating on what is of most significance to the reality you are in. However, you cannot expect the Intentions to make decisions in your place. You cannot expect the Intentions to do all the work for you while you remain dormant with your arms crossed. Do you want to be a programmer or a program? The challenge is to become a programmer and thus stop being programmed by Reality / Creation. As long as your free will does not dictate the rules by which you live, then you are still being controlled by outside forces. Your free will should be above the programmatic nature of reality. Your free will should be the true nature of your reality.

The most practical result that everyone is really trying to obtain is relief from practical results. Consequently, much more important than going after immediate satisfaction is that first we try to raise our level of consciousness, because that is what will ultimately determine whether we can have peace of mind or not. Nothing short of infinite consciousness is sufficient for a perfect application of the Truth. Your only compromise at all times should be with Infinity, because anything less is a contradiction, a fraud. No amount of action we undertake is sufficient when we lack in consciousness, because everything that we do is a fuck-up that could be made a million times better. In short, raising your consciousness is key.

The search for the Truth is a matter of personal development; it is an internal (spiritual - IC #9) journey as we strive to increase our energy levels and expand our consciousness. Energy and consciousness are names for the same absolute universal variable whose only function is to grow in value perpetually. This variable describes the only kind of power that can only increase and never decrease: spiritual power. However, many people still believe that life has hidden shortcuts that can provide them with more power than what they can actually handle. And so people keep stumbling in circles as they look for nonexistent shortcuts in life. The hard truth is that there are no shortcuts, and so the only way to proceed is by going forward all the time. The individual must learn the art of escaping forward -- to always advance and never retreat. When it comes to walking the spiritual path, there is no escape from any obstacle except when we go straight up to it and bang head against it until it breaks.

"The Truth lies within" -- truer words have never been spoken. This means that a practical application of the universal and fundamental knowledge presented in this book will only depend on how much you can realize the truth that the Thirteen Intentions are not "out there," but within yourself. After all, we are talking about intentions of Creation, and only living beings can have intent. That is why knowledge of the Thirteen Intentions can make you more proficient in "bending" yourself as in the spoon metaphor of the movie Matrix, The (1999): The full dialogue between two characters of the movie, Neo and the Spoon Child, is shown below.

[Neo tries to bend a spoon using only his mind.]

Spoon Child: Do not try to bend the spoon, that is impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Spoon Child: There is no spoon.

Neo: There is no spoon?

Spoon Child: Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

Bending yourself means changing (IC #13) yourself on a deep and personal level. Such task is nonetheless something akin to a miracle because it requires a consciousness change willed. Waiting for circumstances outside of your control to bring changes to your life is the biggest self-deception. You have to stop waiting for random abstract forces of Nature to magically implement changes for the better in your life. All that you will gain with such a passive and indirect approach is the illusion of improvement. Stop wanting it and be it. You have to develop a mindset that increases your sense of self-responsibility up to infinity and leaves no other option in your mind besides the immediate need for you to be that change that you want to see in yourself. Change on a personal level must be sought at all times, never "later." Achieving this state of mind is very difficult and requires you to discover your true identity as a spiritual and godlike entity that possess complete control over its destiny.

Therefore, in order to find the Truth, you got to really want to know who you are on a spiritual level. It does not matter how many beliefs you subscribe to, because none of it matters when you do not know how it all relates to you. It all comes down to you. All knowledge is ultimately self-knowledge, and knowledge of the Thirteen Intentions, being the most powerful there is, can help you achieve a great level of self-knowledge. Still, you have to regard this knowledge as a tool, nothing more. A tool is by definition an inanimate object that cannot do any work by itself. The key difference with respect to the Thirteen Intentions is that they actually represent a tool that is alive (IC #5), and thus they can almost do all the work in your place, but you still have to be there to put the final nail to impede the construction from falling apart. In other words, even after you have grasped the lot of all knowledge, it may still fall through without you. With great knowledge comes great responsibility.

By getting to know yourself better you are expanding your sphere of consciousness, and at each rest stop during this process you can see by looking at your old self that you have successfully climbed another ledge. (Note: self-knowledge.). The effect is progressive as the individual evolves in consciousness and in his ability to create from intent. (Note: Thirteen Intentions.) The more expanded the awareness, the more powerful the intent, the more successful and automatic the creation and the more realized the consciousness. (Note: It is not a surprise that by 12 + 3 -> consciousness results in realizairton, automation and creation, etc.) therefore, the degree of power you have matters when you use the tool (intent) that which will invebitably be one of the any one Thirteen Intentions, or all of them at once if your will is aligned with Intention #13.

Purpose of Existence

According to Intention #1, there is always a purpose behind something; there is always a meaning, a cause. There is, for example, a purpose for life and a purpose for evolution, and they differ from one another, though the latter includes and overrides the former. We may not be aware of the final purpose / meaning of Existence (Life), but there is a purpose in the sense that there is a straight and objective answer that applies to everyone regardless of individual beliefs, and this answer, if understood in the right context, is more enlightening than relativistic answers such as "the meaning is the meaning you give it." Notice how this absolute (nonrelative) statement cannot be objectively true, as it is implying that relativity is an absolute. Because relativity (chaos - IC #10) is not an absolute in Creation, and specially because there is always a higher order (IC #7) behind / beyond the perceived chaos, then anyone who parades relativistic beliefs is simply ignorant of the final truth that we learn from the Absolute (IC #13).

In Section 2.1 we learned that absolute concepts such as Existence are self-causing, which means that they are their own purpose. The purpose of the Absolute is the Absolute, period. That is already the highest purpose that anyone can have in mind. But the problem is that we need to further elaborate on the nature of this higher purpose until we can achieve a proper level of technical knowledge that will allow us to apply it in our lives. For now, consider that this purpose is spiritual and coincides with what Intention #13 is all about: Love. We will better characterize and define this purpose later in this chapter.

Most people do not have a higher purpose in life; but of course, not everyone is looking for one. Sometimes their purpose is to just experience the basic / standard things that life has to offer and not necessarily do something "great" with it. To justify this lack of a well-defined purpose held by them at the conscious level, most people will naturally subscribe to the enjoy-life-have-fun philosophy, which is after all in tune with the highest purpose of Existence. (See the figure below.) The problem is that a philosophy that considers life (IC #5) itself as the purpose of life is still not the highest purpose that we can have in mind. The highest purpose is spiritual and coincides with Intention #13, and so it is bigger / greater than life (IC #5); it is a purpose that remains valid for all eternity, and so, in theory, it should span many lives.

Figure 4.# - Purpose of Existence

Life is neither sacred nor insignificant; it just is. From a spiritual perspective, life is just an enriching experience that is not necessarily the first or the last. Belief in life after death is not even a requirement for us to be able to see everything as part of a bigger context, a plan of Creation, as described by the Thirteen Intentions. Still, most people will only look for answers inside the context of life, because their focus is restricted to life, and so they are unable to find higher purpose that could provide them with everlasting fulfillment. Nonetheless, if people are aware of a significant purpose in their lives, they at least have a chance to extrapolate such purpose in order to achieve great things. On the other hand, when people are not aware of any significant purpose, they simply limit themselves to experience life without any sort of extrapolation; therefore, it can be argued that to experience life on a basic level is their purpose after all.

But the biggest problem is not being ignorant of the purpose of life, but assuming that a certain course in life must be followed in detriment of all others. This in itself is an assumption that controls people's minds and limits their amount of energy and motivation. For example, when an individual is part of a society, there is often stress and anxiety associated to the fact that he must honor a lifelong societal contract, and yet he is not aware of having signed anything. Therefore, the individual keeps pushing himself to have the motivation to "do something" and "become someone" for the sake of society, but the truth is that he will not have enough motivation to excel as long as he feels obligated as a slave does. The moral of this story is that one should not honor agreements in which they did not consciously participate. Many people are brainwashed by society in this aspect, although in the end it is the individual himself who allows his mind to be controlled.

A greater motivation that comes from the inside (spirit) can only arise when there is freedom, and freedom is above all a state of mind. It is very hard for an individual to achieve responsible freedom of self-determination, and that is why so many people prefer to remain in situations where responsibilities are assigned to them by authorities. Funnily enough, it is only when the individual stops thinking that he ought to have motivation to do only certain things without questioning that he begins to have uncontrived motivation to do everything without questioning. That is, when one learns to strive for nothing too much in particular, they also acquire the energy (motivation) to strive for everything at once. For this reason, the purpose of Existence is indeed something along the lines of "to not have a purpose." It is a purpose unassuaged of purpose, a purpose that is not really meant to be taken seriously.

The spiritually enlightened nature of the purpose of Existence leads us to understand that a forceful way of living is the same as not living. There should be no limitations to life, only infinite possibilities. To have a spiritual purpose is to have a free mind that acknowledges infinite possibilities. Any purpose that brings limitations to our minds, and consequently to our lives, is not the highest purpose. Lesser purposes will flood our minds with expectancies for results. Most often, people hurl themselves after all sorts of results lying in a distant and even uncertain point in the future. For them, the simple fact that they are alive is not enough, for they must also display to others that they are seeking some sort of "closure" to their lives. The problem with this "prize race" mentality is that, once all results have been achieved, people sink right back into questioning the meaning of life. Well, they should know that it is the journey (continuation - IC #13) of life that really matters, not all the purported destinations, and so the only prize worth of attaining is the ability to live in the present -- this is what it means to live life to the fullest.

IC #13 -> 13 = 3 + 10 -> be (exist - IC #3) in the present (IC #10)
Schematics 4.#

Figure 4.# - Life maze

Finding your true purpose in life also means finding your true will and then see how it translates to the tasks of everyday life. One's true will is the same as one's true purpose in life as well as the purpose of Existence. Some tasks may temporarily align with such purpose, but after a while they become counterproductive. They may help or hinder the main purpose. But to be bonded by the spiritual purpose of Existence means that you sees life as an experience that enriches your spirit and you understand that you don't really have to do anything in order to live; you do not need to "get a life" because you already have one. Any other commitment, any other responsibility should be an extra that you are willing to take, according to your Will.

in , the purpose of Existence only expects you to go along with the free flow of your living. no purpose at all besides living. You have to be being free from desire. As such, it is the pinnacle of freedom, but also the strictest bond possible, because there is serious commitement and responsibility in being free, much more than people are willing to have. With great freedom comes great responsibility. One does not have any responsibility at all except that which one decides to have for oneself, and unadultered freedom is already the ultimate responsibility that anyone can have. The price of freedom is eternal self-vigilance against falling in limitation, and infinite self-responsibility. This will become increasingly obviosu as we central is neecssity cultiave one's analyze in later sections the n otions of power and energy. The probvlem of cultivating ond's energy more and more becomes central then..

4.2 Energetics

The universe is made of one substance: energy. Everything in the universe is energy assuming one form or another. But what is energy after all? Mainstream science defines it as the "capacity to do work," "usable power," etc. Well, all of these definitions are somewhat circular considering that by Intention #5 the concepts of power, force and work are all interchangeable with energy. The fact is that energy is something beyond definition because it corresponds directly to an universal principle, an Intention of Creation. Energy is already what provides the definition for several concepts with respect to life and the universe. Therefore, it is convenient for our fundamental analysis that we start treating energy as the absolute variable of the universe.

Vibration and consciousness are alternative names for the absolute variable of the universe. These two concepts along with energy are all intrinsically related and in fact they are the same abstract property under different names. The concept of energy is a better denomination for most practical (IC #5) purposes because it is closer to physical world concepts. Therefore, to see energy as a continuous variable serves a more practical purpose than in the case of vibration or consciousness. Energy by itself is an abstract property and as such its existence is questionable -- we cannot really prove it -- but still everything that exists is an effect produced by energy in the same way that consciousness (IC #12) is constantly giving birth to reality (IC #3): 12 -> 1 + 2 = 3.

What the absolute variable of the universe really is, is the concept of a completely pure (IC #13) form of energy which underlies all physical reality. Pure energy is an abstract entity / concept and as such it cannot be detected by scientific means, but inside the physical world this energy assumes many forms that can be detected and measured. The five qualities of energy shown in Table 4.# are nothing more than degrees of energetic purity. They are simply different states of the same substance, a divine essence, which is actually the substance of the Void (IC #13). In other words, the Void also has a nature and substance of Its own from which all matter and energy is derived. The Void is hardly "nothing" considering that It is already the source of everything. There is absolutely no energy as well as infinite energy in the Void.

IC #13 -> Void ; Source -> pure (IC #13) energy
Schematics 4.#

Energy IC
mass #5
heat #6
sound #7
scalar #8
vacuum (zero-point) #9
Table 4.# - Qualities of energy

Let us take one of the qualities and see it in detail: vacuum energy. This quality of energy, also known as zero-point energy, is the lowest possible energy for a system, except that it is also virtually infinite energy considering that it is present at all points in space. Therefore, vacuum energy is the most abundant form of energy despite the fact that it is extremely subtle and fluid and thus cannot be easily harnessed. This makes of vacuum energy the highest quality of energy, the one that is closest to the idea of a completely pure form of energy found in the Void. In fact, vacuum energy is spiritual energy emanation directly from the Source.

To remain dependent only on a particular energy source can block you off from higher quality sources, which are more abundant and allow those who access them to be more in touch with their spirituality. the highest faculties of self, higher levels of being and consciousness, are there waiting to be discovered by those who get in touch with these finer energies of Creation. For example, One may be healthy physically but not healthy spiritually. if their focus is solely on cultivating mass instead of vibrastioanl energy. In this way, one may be neglecting one's spiritual evolution, which greatly depends on how fast vibration is rising. The funny thing about finer energies is that they are pretty much the same as no energy at all, and this means that being in touch with these energies is practically the same as becoming self-sufficient. It is not necessary to say that for a being to become its only and own source of energy is something extremely difficult, until there it has to depend on outside and intermediary sources.

In this chapter, we are interested in solving the problem of how someone can accumulate (IC #8) and control their energy. This is fundamental to anyone's evolution, because there is always a need for more energy in order to solve problems that keep arising. It is well known that a problem cannot be solved on the level on which it was created. For example, if you want to solve a problem at level x, you need to be at level x+1 or greater. You cannot perform at a high level without enough energy. Also, you always need more energy to achieve control (power) over your current level of energy. Power begets more power, and that is why there is never enough energy.

The good news is that the energy of any system already tends to increase under optimal (natural) conditions. This is by natural law, more specifically due to Intentions #8, #11 and #13. However, constant (IC #13) growth only takes place in the realm of vibration (IC #7). The reason why it is only energy as vibration that can rise to infinity is simple: Intention #8 following immediately after Intention #7 can only mean that the principle of accumulation (IC #8) applies to vibration and not to the standard concept of energy as defined by Intention #5. Intention #5 merely defines the concept of physical (IC #4) energy, which is really energy as mass, and thus it is restricted to physical boundaries. Now, vibrational energy is non-local and so it is not restricted to the boundaries of a system, although it can be temporarily associated to one. On the other hand, physical energy cannot be increased indefinitely without the risk that the system's limits are exceeded causing its subsequent destruction. For this reason, physical energy requires constant maintenance to remain in an optimal level, one that is neither too high nor too low.

Figure 4.# - Exponential growth of energy

absolute (IC #1) variable (IC #6) -> 1 + 6 = 7 -> IC #7 -> vibration ; frequency
Schematics 4.#

As seen in 3.5 - Densities, every system has a base level of vibration that we can call as its frequency. A system only exists to the extent that it incorporates a specific frequency: change (e.g., increase) the base frequency and we are no longer talking about the same system. However, sometimes a change in frequency is not only because we have changed the subject and/or plane of our analysis, but also because the system may have reached its death: A system is nothing more than a certain amount of aggregated / organized energy, which means that the natural tendency for energy to ever increase on a metaphysical (vibrational) level eventually exhausts the system by triggering its energy to blow out of proportion. As a result, the system suffers great instability until its subsequent death. That is the way it is, because a system can only be said to exist in a certain plane to the extent that its energy remains at a stable level (i.e., within that same plane).

Sound is the type of energy corresponding to the vibration phenomenom, and if we consider that mass (i.e., physical energy) and sound are nothing more than different states of the same substance, then physical energy can also be interpreted in terms of vibration. It thus makes sense to say that any system can suffer a process that "lowers" its vibration. Technically, however, a system variable measuring vibration can only be fixed or rising. Whether there has been an increase or decrease in physical energy, that still constitutes a fixation or increase in vibrational energy. The reason for this is because vibration (IC #7) is a higher-order phenomenom compared to oscillation (IC #6), and thus it is unaffected by the latter. Vibration already is oscillation translated as a specific frequency value. Accordingly, when analyzing the system we may notice oscillations in its energy, yet beyond the system's boundaries we discover that such disturbances are the result of an evolutionary process involving a second system that includes the first as a subsystem. Thus we may assess that the level of vibration of any system is in reality ever rising due to an indirect association with the energy of a greater (macro) system.

Let us analyze the graph of Figure 4.#: The y-axis contains the values that the absolute variable of the universe takes as energy of a purely vibrational nature rises steadily across systems even when physical energy oscillates locally (i.e., within a system). The x-axis measures the scale (wavelength) difference between cycles (waves), but it can also represent time. The diagonal line is depicting the energetic growth process associated to the absolute variable, and we can consider it as a third axis which would be the z-axis if the graph was three-dimensional. Now, what is important is that the process of the diagonal line is unrelated to time, and so, even if we consider the x-axis as representing time, that still does not mean that the diagonal line is the graph of the function y = x. We can see this in the graph by the fact that the third axis is not mapped to the x-axis, only to the y-axis. The third axis is really a vector that includes the y-axis as a vertical (scalar) component and the x-axis as a horizontal component that adds the much-needed factor of time to our linear analysis. It is only appropriate to say that vibrational energy is increasing over time when there is an increase in physical energy coinciding with an increase in vibration, because apart from that we are dealing with a process happening on an axis and dimension of its own.

Figure 4.# - Energy increasing across systems

Bonus image Figure 4.# - Frequency / vibration as the z-axis

Notice by Figure 4.# that there is an aspect of energy that never dies, it just changes form (system - IC #4). From system to system, energy achieves immortality. In physics this concept is known as the first law of thermodynamics, which states that energy can never be destroyed or created. A system can be said to be continually producing energy (work), but in reality it is borrowing energy from a higher-frequency energy source corresponding to a greater system. The Universe is the greatest system; it is both the ultimate energy source as well as the ultimate isolated macroscopic system. In systems theory, however, an universe is understood as being the environment of a system. The environment not only provides all the energy that the system needs, but it also reabsorbs the energy contained in the system after its death. That is, the system simply disintegrates back into the environment after reaching maximum level of entropy.1

Now we are going to see a more realistic depiction of the evolution of a system on a purely energetic level. A system is supposed to remain stable during its life, but eventually a need for post-systemic evolution arises: the system has to evolve beyond itself. It is a metaphysical force that triggers the system's energy to rise to such a high level relative to normal levels that the result is a state of virtually infinite energy, hence comparable to a singularity. All systems end (die) with a singularity, which means that everything that the system ever was (i.e., energy) is compressed into one instant. To illustrate, notice how the system wave collapses into a singularity according to the steps shown in Figure 4.#, which is actually a parallel description of the exponential curve seen previously in Figure 4.#: As the rate of growth (vibration) tends to infinity, the wave collapses as more energy gets compressed into the present instead of remaining evenly distributed along the axis of time. In Intention #8's panel, shown below, we can see when the graph of the exponential curve hits the ceiling and thus the energy, having reached critical mass, blows out of proportion.

Figure 4.# - Wave collapsing into a singularity

The main lesson here is that there is an universal law of evolution (IC #11) responsible for continuous energetical growth in every possible case. The Law of Evolution based on Intention #11 says that there is always progress going on, even when we cannot detect it for either it being too small, too slow, or of a completely different nature. What makes it hard to be detected is the fact that it involves movement toward a higher degree of everything but also of nothing in particular: power, order, chaos, complexity, vibration, wisdom, knowledge, consciousness, etc. Of course that in the end we are talking about energy in a purely scalar sense, that is, energy characterized by magnitude (IC #8) only. All you have to do is imagine a straight vertical (IC #8) line from zero to infinity, and you will realize that this is the true (spiritual) nature of evolution in the universe. This vertical line is a process happening in the backstage of reality; it forever infuses us with energy, but we have the option to bring it to the foreground and start living by it.

Energy management

We have seen that every system is what it is because it embodies an unique frequency in the universal scope. Then we saw how to translate the system under analysis to a sinusoidal graph of certain amplitude versus duration. Now, considering that all energy is of a dynamic (vibratory) nature, we can make use of the sine wave again to illustrate the system's pattern of evolution as a series of oscillations (vibrations). Another way to look at it is through the Yin Yang metaphor: from activity (Yang) to inactivity (Yin), and then to activity again -- the cycle begins anew. The fact is that every system is subject to energetic fluctuation (IC #6) due to less-than-optimal conditions for its development. Only in perfect environmental conditions would the system be without oscillating, and in this case its evolution would be represented by a straight line.

Figure 4.#

This is the picture of how life on the material plane works; it is up to us to deal with such "bumpy" road in the best possible way, as for example by ascribing a good sportsmanship meaning to it. It also helps not to forget about the constantly growing line according to the Law of Evolution. We discussed how this law is an ever occurring event despite the imposed energetical oscillations of Nature. Honestly, there is never any gain or loss of energy happening in Creation; there is only continuous transformation due to the unlimited and unstoppable nature of spiritual growth. The spiritual aspect of evolution is ultimately caused by the directive Propagation (IC #13): we can imagine a spear thrown with such tremendous force that it pierces through everything in its path. Therefore, it is important to understand that life in the universe is about constant development first, wave motion patterns second. The latter is only important to the extent that it provides support to our inner (spiritual) development, since outer development is always susceptible to ups and downs, success and failure.

To cope with these knock-downs common to life and still maintain a steady growth in power, one has to become an expert in matters of energy management. We will see how important right managing your energy is to make sure that your journey through life is as smooth as it can possibly be without impairing richness of experiences. Your evolution must be a sustenable process, that is, never rushed or stagnant. The higher you go, the bigger the fall, unless you take the time to grow a proper pair of wings. This leads us to recall the natural exponential curve of Figure 4.# as applied to the building up of metaphysical energy with respect to any system over an arbitrary length of time. That is the perfect example of self-sustainable growth, that is, growth that mnaturally leads to more growth. Notice however, that since we are talking about an ideal curve depicting a perfectly natural and unimpeded growth process, obviously there will be deviations from it in the real world where things are far from being ideal.

When it comes to energetics, management of energy involves more than just habits of maintenance, otherwise there is no progress because all the effort is directed to keep oneself at the same level. A maintenance mentality wants to stay the same; it focus on the periodic rise and fall of the wave in a futile attempt to stay inside a zone of comfort and avoid the next level of evolution for as long as possible. Yet the Law of Evolution is implacable: if one does not evolve upward (spiritually) by their own volition, they will by the influence of external forces. Stagnation, which relates to Intention #6's idea of static balance, is always an exception, never the rule. The sine-wave evolution pattern is incomplete and thus brings a false sense of security that cannot last for long, but people are often unwilling to let go of it before a tragedy happens. The rule for all systems is always the collapsing (IC #9) wave, which is governed by the principle of dynamic (IC #10) balance. Remember: change (IC #13) is the only constant in the Universe.

Figure 4.#

dynamic (IC #10) balance (IC #6) -> 10 + 6 = 16 -> 1 + 6 = 7 -> IC #7
Schematics 4.#

Succesful energy management means cultivation of energy; it means taking the necessary steps to go along with the path described by the collapsing (evolving) wave seen in Figure 4.#. It is like "riding" the collpasing wave, and so your evolution will describe that same pattern as you head toward your personal singularity. It is either that or being stuck to periodic wave motion, that is, a linear sucession of ups and downs without a spiritual purpose. in this case it is said that the creature is living only the horizontaL (IC #5) component of the evolution process. on the collpasing wave, even though there are still ups and downs; the momentum , the energy, or the force carried by the wave is steadily ever rising. But with the wave shown in the first panel below, the force is one of dispersion over the horizontal line (axis) as opposed to one of concentration toward the center of the graph. In this case it means that there is no effort to "level up," to make the transition from horizontal to vertical (IC #8), as observed in the exponential curve. The slope of the exponential curve is even recognizable in the 2nd and 3rd stages of the collapsing wave.

When the individual begins to taken on a more vertical route in their evolution, this means an increase in the usage of energy for self-improvement and life improvement rather than for self-destructive behaviours that take him along a path of misery and death. Cultivation of energy is the ability to use the currently available (stored) energy so that even more energy is generated afterwards as a result. But for it to happen, the individual must minimize losses in order to maximize gain / profit; he must learn to invest / spend his energy wisely so that in the long run it renders a positive return. Sometimes, while the individual is expecting the outcome of his investment, he can even limit himself to a few maintenance tasks. This is the secret of cultivation of energy that is primordial if one wishes to obtain control over their lives and steer it into unimaginable heights. There are no limits, only beliefs. Any person can cultivate their energy beyond ordinary levels; all that it takes is willpower (IC #13).

In fact, the difference between the person who strives for more and another who prefers to remain the same is one of Will. If willpower is present, they will persist, if not they will give up although other chances will come. It takes courage to persist, a desire to cross the gate of the unknown and face whatever challenges might be lying ahead. Eventually, they will give up and allow themselves to fall back on a more familiar and manageable energy level, or they will persist with spiritual ascension, which is the process of returning to the Source. Without input from the Spirit, life would be nothing more than an inertial succession of highs and lows of energy. Wave motion (i.e., fluctuation [IC #6]) belongs to the will of the universe, which is artificial, machine-like, like a piston. Fortunately, as previously noticed in Section 2.2, we can access the power of Intention #13 to break cycles of programming and go beyond the Game mechanics.

Release of energy

Every interaction is an exchange of energy between parties involved. The relationships between the creature and its environemnt is one of transfer of energy in both ways. From a systemic point of view, the creature is continually importing as well as exporting energy, and this is how it maintains itself. We have seen that every system is completely defined by an universally unique frequency. Since frequency is rate of vibration, then if the creature wishes to continue to exist as its systemic self then it must keep a constant rate; it must maintain its internal organization at the physiological level, which undoubetly affects other levels such as psychological, emotional, behavioral, etc. This is is kmwn as homeostasis. It is the intrinsic ability of an organism to stay within preterdetermined limits. All systems are regulated according to the principle of homeostasis, whcih refers to Stabilization (IC #7). Homeostasis not only has survival value, but psychological value, because it is a quest for well-being (IC #7) based / centered on physiological functions.

Therefore, to perpetuate its existence (i.e., survive) acreature will develop habits of energy maintenance. A creature must do justice to the sinusoisal graph of its life by releasing energy periodically. After every rise there is a drop in the level of energy, and you can be sure that it was caused by a release of energy that was once internally stored by the creature. And so the creature has this need to release energy to the world to sustain a relationship with its environment, one that allows both to survive. Release happens when there is phsyical or mental exertion, voluntary or involuntary. What happens is that some energy gets used (burned) as fuel and the product of this is thrown into the environment. Moving, breathing, sleeping, reproducing, and digesting food are just some examples. On the mental plane, the release of psychic energy occurs through many types of activities dealing with emotions. In fact, some route of release is always taking place; it is after all the natural outcome of a series of oscillations making up the creature's life.

Figure 4.#

[Under construction]

1 In physics, entropy is the measure of the disorder (chaos) of any system. According to the second law of thermodynamics, the entropy of any isolated system can only increase over time. In the case of open systems, entropy can decrease locally and temporarily due to external agency, but the tendency for it to increase overall persists if we consider the entire life cycle of the system. That is, if we keep expanding our analysis over time and space, it becomes increasingly obvious that there is always a positive net change in entropy for the universe. For this reason, entropy is sometimes considered an universal principle of which the second law is a mere expression.

4.3 The frequency of Love

According to Intention #13, any individual (IC #1) existence (IC #3) is nothing more than a reflection / incarnation of the Triad, which is nothing more nor less than the three-fold nature of Existence. This means that every existent / created thing is not monadic or dyadic, but triadic in its fundamental nature, otherwise it simply cannot exist. Now, let us recall that every created thing has a certain base signature frequency, which can be any real number. The difference now is that we are talking about core frequencies of Creation that are not necessarily the same as base frequencies. There is a limited number of core creative (IC #3) energies behind everything that exists. Therefore, the fundamental frequency responsible for the existence of something must be a three-digit number. Anything greater or lower than three digits is not a true root frequency of the universe.

Said Aristotle, prince of philosophers and never-failing friend of truth: All things are three; The three-fold number is present in all things whatsoever... Nor did we ourselves discover this number, but rather natures teaches it to us. (De Vetula) 1

The frequencies we will work with in this section are actually numbers describing the meaning of natural creative forces. According to Intention #3, creative has to do with three, hence three digits. But root creative frequencies can only be formed from the digits 1 to 9, because as we saw in Section 2.3, 0 is omitted from numerological analysis. As a consequence, the frequencies 380 Hz and 308 Hz, for example, are both equivalent to 38 Hz, a two-digit frequency, which means that none of these frequencies are root creative frequencies.

The fact that only nine digits matter in our analysis is also related to how our main concern is to understand Love (IC #13) from a practical perspective: What most people like to call as the "real world" is really the physical universe. The real world is a world where only action matters, and so it is also the "practical" world. In 3.2 - Dimensions, we saw how the physical universe extends from Intention #1 to #9 in the Cycle of Life. That is, the real world consists of nine main aspects of Creation.

Figure 4.# (3.# adapted) - Real world

There are 729 (93) combinations of three digits (1-9). In other words, there are only 729 base frequencies or energies of creation / manifestation. EVen more interesting, we can call these 729 numbers as spiritual frequencies if we play a little with number 729. (See below.)Spiritual frequency is pretty muc hthe same as a certain value attributed to the concept of pure energy that we saw before. Pure energy by definition is already infintie, but still it may assume any one of these values as we will explain shrotly . frequencies represent a channel, a bridge, because they are spiritual frequencies manifesting themselves as a finite physicla reality.

9^3 = 9 x 9 x 9 -> the spirit (IC #9) empowering itself to create reality (IC #3)
9^3 = 729 -> vibration (IC #7) finite (IC #2) of the spirit (IC #9)              
9^3 = 729 <=> 297 -> a number (IC #2) of spiritual (IC #9) frequencies (IC #7)   
Schematics 4.#

Figure 4.# - 729 spiritual frequencies

It should not be a coincidence that the sum total of all numbers in the 27×27 square above can be reduced to 9: 111 + 112 + ... + 998 + 999 = 404595 -> 4 + 4 + 5 + 9 + 5 = 27 -> 2 + 7 = 9. In other words, these 729 types of energies (vibrations) emanating from the Spirit are what supports the real world; together they form a spiritual (IC #9) foundation upon which the physical universe is built. This is a notion that only gets reinforced the more we look into number 729. For example, one characteristic of 729 is that it is the largest three-digit cubic number; therefore, if we consider that cube -> 4 corners -> IC #4 -> system ; physical ; foundation, we can conclude that 729 symbolizes the physical universe, the cosmos, which by definition is the largest system ("cube") possible.

Figure 4.# - The Cosmic Cube

In Chapter 2, we saw how numbers 3, 6, and 9 hold a special function in the creation of the universe, which is why they can be considered more fundamental than the other single-digit numbers. And then we saw how, beyond 6 and 9, the most fundamental number to the nature of reality is 3. Three is the first number that comes into existence and the only number that will ever really exist. To illustrate that, think of a bidimensional plane as a void: the first 2D geometric shape, the first thing, that can come out of this void is a triangle. (Note: a geometric shape is by definition a closed figure.) Since a triangle possess three endpoints and three angles, the greater triangle in Figure 4.# symbolizes number 3 itself and also a triad formed by 3, 6 and 9. Numebr 3 is the entire triangle but also appears as one of the endpoints.

Figure 4.# - 3-9-6 triangle

3-9-6 triangle -> Trinity -> "God" (singularity - IC #1) as three (IC #3) persons -> IC #13
Schematics 4.#

In Chapter 2, we touched on the subject of how Love is already everything and so we cannot easily figure out a consistent course of action based on It. Also, what many like to call as "infinite" or "unconditional" love is actually love in a perfect and immanifest state that at first does not serve any practical purpose in the real (manifest) world. Therefore, we need to make Love into something more well-defined, more rational, so that we can put It to good use. One thing is knowing the Truth, another is applying It efficiently. The problem is that Love is already Infinity (IC #13), and thus we cannot associate a value to It unless we commit the biggest crime ever: we have to limit the unlimited. Some will abominate such a crazy idea, because we have to downgrade what Love represents; we have to break Love apart. But, as soon as we are done with the breakage, we have the opportunity to capture the first and most fundamental fragment that better reflects the whole of what Love is/was.

Figure 4.# - Broken Love

Ideally, and according to the conditions we have set sorrouding the importance of practice, a value for Love will be one of the 729 spiritual frequencies. Only one of them is the right one. Well, our focus here is noto n iNtnetion #13 alone, but exclusively on the first nine intentions expressed as the 729 spiritual frequencies. Therefore, because The 3-9-6 triangle represent Intention #13, which in turn is Love, any permutations of the number set {3,6,9} result in frequencies that are the most fundamental to the nature of reality, but not not the most fundamental to our purpise, because each one of them is stll reflecting Love wholly and directly. but no, we don't need a faithfu lrepresnetation ofLove, we need a fractured one. We cna discard all of them , none of them serves our purpose, which is practical, and requires us to break Love. translates to break the 3-9-6 triangle, at least once, which in turn means that we must derive another set of frequencies, hopefulyl more "practical", from that triangle.

Permutations: 369, 396, 639, 693, 936, 963

396 -> manifest (IC #3) spiritual (IC #9) equilibrium (IC #6)
636 -> 6 + 3 + 6 = 9 + 6 -> inner (IC #9) learning (IC #6)   
Schematics 4.#

Because the 3-9-6 triangle is archetypal to the nature of reality, each one of its characteristics carries the notion that something can only exist as three, and that existence has its basis on the principle of duality, hence Intention #2. For example, numbers 3, 6 and 9 are set apart from each other by two (IC #2) elements when we consider their positions in the sequence {1,2,3,...,9}. (Note: the same applies to 9 and 3 as in numerology the 1-9 sequence is cyclic.2) In the same manner, the 3-9-6 triangle is formed by three lines (IC #2) connecting three points (i.e., numbers 3, 6 and 9). Now, being a representation of the Triad, the 3-9-6 triangle is the only triangle that exists, which means that any other triangle made from a triplet of numbers must be a reflection of it. Therefore, the only option we have is to arrange 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 in two sets of three numbers each, namely {1,4,7} and {2,5,8}.

Figure 4.# (4.# extended) - Deriving from the 3-9-6 triangle

We now have a total of three sets corresponding to three triangles. There are 6 permutations of each set giving a total of 18 spiritual creative frequencies. Naturally, each frequency reduces to 3, 6, or 9, and taking them apart digit by digit shows how all of them are composed of numbers set apart from each other by two elements. These are only frequencies in the entire group of 729 that exhibit this property. Anyway, we must still find out which one of the two triangles derived from the 3-9-6 triangle is the most fundamental, the most faithful reflection.

3 = 12 = 1 + 7 + 4 <- 174 | 471 -> 4 + 7 + 1 = 12 = 3
6 = 15 = 2 + 8 + 5 <- 285 | 582 -> 5 + 8 + 2 = 15 = 6
9 = 18 = 3 + 9 + 6 <- 396 | 693 -> 6 + 9 + 3 = 18 = 9
3 = 12 = 4 + 1 + 7 <- 417 | 714 -> 7 + 1 + 4 = 12 = 3
6 = 15 = 5 + 2 + 8 <- 528 | 825 -> 8 + 2 + 5 = 15 = 6
9 = 18 = 6 + 3 + 9 <- 639 | 936 -> 9 + 3 + 6 = 18 = 9
3 = 12 = 7 + 4 + 1 <- 741 | 147 -> 1 + 4 + 7 = 12 = 3
6 = 15 = 8 + 5 + 2 <- 852 | 258 -> 2 + 5 + 8 = 15 = 6
9 = 18 = 9 + 6 + 3 <- 963 | 369 -> 3 + 6 + 9 = 18 = 9
Schematics 4.#

Notice that right before any one of these frequencies are reduced to 3, 6 or 9, they are reduced to 12, 15 or 18. This is the hint we need in order to conclude that the 2-8-5 triangle is more fundamental than the 1-7-4 triangle, although it should have been obvious all along if we consider that (1) 3 x 2 = 6 -> a tri- (IC #3) angle subjected to division (IC #2) and that (2) all permutations (frequencies) of the set {2,5,8} reduce to 6. Asd you can see, the first triangle generated from 3-9-6 is the 2-8-5 in the same manner that 6 is the first number generated from 3.

{3,6,9} -> {2,5,8} -> {1,4,7}

1st fracture:

3 = 1 + 2 -> origin (IC #1) of number 2
6 = 1 + 5 -> origin (IC #1) of number 5
9 = 1 + 8 -> origin (IC #1) of number 8

2nd fracture:

2 = 1 + 1 -> origin (IC #1) of number 1
5 = 1 + 4 -> origin (IC #1) of number 4
8 = 1 + 7 -> origin (IC #1) of number 7
Schematics 4.#

We are now free to discard all frequencies of the sets {3,6,9} and {1,4,7} since they are not the most fundamental to our purpose here. Only the frequencies 258 Hz, 285 Hz, 528 Hz, 582 Hz, 825 Hz and 852Hz matter. only ONE of these six frequencies is the most fundamental to our purpose, and thus we have to find yet anpother criteria that may point us to this direction. apparently, there is no more criteria left except for the one of that of symmetry: the position of the digits in the numbers / frequencies. From now on, It is pretty much a matter of preference we are delaing with now, because all of those frequencies are somewhat equivalent, but we must proceed if want to find out what is the most important frequency.

We already know that 3 is the most fudnamental, the most central, number to Creation. It does not matter that there is not number 3 in {2,5,8}, since, Between 5 and 8, number 2 is the one that mostly approximates 3. That is, according to the directive Approximation (IC #11) we can ellect frequencies 528 and 825 as the most iumportant. Now, the same logic can be aplied further: we also know that 6 is the first number generated from 3 as long as we are not breaking 3 down. between 5 and 8, 5 is mostly approximates 6. hence hence 5 comes before 8 in terms of fundsamentality. we get 528 is, officialy, the first created frequency. because 825 is mirror of 528, as soon as you have 528 hz, you pretty much have 825 as well. because it only depends on our perpective.

528 Hz
528 <=> 852 -> 8 + 5 + 2 = 13 + 2 -> Love's (IC #13) value (IC #2) 
528 <=> 285 -> 2 + 8 + 5 = 2 + 13 -> measured (IC #2) Love (IC #13)
Schematics 4.#

Love is the primary vibration / frequency of the universe, and now we know with mathematical accuracy the value of this frequency. Who would have thought that there is a well-defined value for Love? It could not be different, as Love is not about enigmas designed to screw with our minds. Love is about clearness, openness and honesty. Love does not hide from us; we hide from It. Experiencing Love is a matter of "tuning in" to the right channel, to the right spiritual creative frequency. We can access the power of Intention #13, the power of Love, when we spiritually and consciously attune ourselves to 528 Hz. Thoughts and behavior will reflect this attunement (IC #7), and so we are able to Love others and ourselves properly. However, as we will see, there is an increasing need to make sure that we do not commit further deviations from this Love channel.

If Love is supposed to be the ultimate power, then why is that Its frequency is not infinite? Well, it is infinite in a certain sense considering that in real life there is no such thing as an exact value of measurement, only approximations (IC #11). For this reason, 528 Hz can only function as a borderline value, a limit: as we strive to achieve Loving perfection, there is a convergence toward the theoretical exact value of 528.000…. This poses a problem though, because the closer we are to 528 the greater the effort required for any additional steps that can get us even closer. Thus there is a progressive need for more fine-tuning until we have settled on exact 528 Hz. Nonetheless, satisfying results may be achieved from time to time: let us say we reach as far as 528.000001 and 527.999999, but the truth is that any degree of precision ceases to be enough sooner or later. Therefore, it may be that someone has cultivated their energy to infinity and still they have not achieved a pure state of Love. How much Love is enough? The truth is that It is never (IC #13) enough.

Figure 4.# - Approaching 528

Keep in mind that 528 Hz is Love in a fallen (broken) state; it is Love as It is/was cast as the first (IC #1) light (IC #3) of Creation. "Let there be light" really means to let Love be made into something concrete (IC #4), which fundamentally involves the creation of the polar aspects of Love that characterize the physical universe: Light and Dark. This breaking down of Love for the creation of an universe can be deduced from how number 13 reduces to 4: 13 -> 1 + 3 = 4 meaning that it is only natural that Creation (IC #13) turns into something physical (IC #4), always. In Chapter 2 we saw how the Artificial Creation is all about polarity, and consequently there is fear, which greatly reinforces the need and the search for Love. But this search is actually a rediscovery, because any separation from the Source (IC #13) is ultimately illusory: we never left the Source in the first place. Still, nothing impedes this illusion from being a strong and convincing one that requires individuals to strive continuously to rediscover true love within themselves.

528 = 132 x 4 -> (13 + 2) x 4 -> Unity (IC #13) divided (IC #2) through solidification (IC #4)
Schematics 4.#

It is interesting to notice that in classic Hebrew biblical texts we find out that the gematria of "the breaking forth of light" is 528.3 This expression is a metaphor for the first act of Creation, the dawn of Creation. The Creator propels Love, the true Light, by shooting It through the Void, the true Darkness. Naturally, the Void and Love are the same Absolute, and so to divide the Void with a ray of light is equivalent to break Love. In a sense, to break Love is to destroy It, but we already know that, after all, this is a constructive action that results in greater appreciation, experience and knowledge of Love. The Creator is Love, and thus it is only by breaking Himself apart that He can Love (know) Himself better. Such act is the ultimate sacrifice (IC #12) in the name of Love. As we will see in the next section, the Creator has to literally die in order to live through His creatures.

People are not wrong in their assumption that, at the end of the day, life is the only reality that matters. In fact, we find out that without life there is no purpose (IC #1) for Creation, because the very first act of Creation, to which we have assigned 528 Hz, is geared toward the origination (IC #1) of life (IC #5): 528 -> 5 + 2 + 8 = 15. Therefore, the beginning of the universe / reality is inextricably attached to the beginning of life. This makes sense when we consider that there can be no reality / existence if there is not a living being aware of it. Everything in Creation can only logically begin with the miracle of life and the resulting perception thereof. To say otherwise is to believe that a dead and artificial version of Creation can exist independently from the Divine Creation, which is full of life. We know by Chapter 2 that the Artificial Creation cannot exist without the Divine Creation in the same way that a shadow cannot exist apart from the object that casts it.

Figure 4.# - New beginning

The fact that life is so important to Creation reflects how the numerical archetype 528 is central to a successful application of the Thirteen Intentions. In previous chapters we had to delve into abstract theories to understand the much greater spiritual reality of Creation (i.e., "the big picture") before we could find the right key to decipher the mystery of practice (life). Now we have such key: 528. Now we have an object of study that unlocks the possibility of us finally being able to unify theory with practice to produce a theory of practice. Our theory is based on the Thirteen Intentions, hence Intention #13, and 528 Hz is the Creative frequency that incorporates and objectifies what Intention #13 represents from a real-world perspective.

Figure 4.# - 528 and the other Solfeggio numbers

There is only one (i.e., the One) who has achieved balance (IC #6) between all aspects of its being, and that is the Creator. But within Creation everything is a product of the corruption of spiritual and perfect balance. We can therefore pose the following question: how can the individual become balanced while living in an imbalanced world? Again, the key is 528: 528 -> 5 + 2 + 8 = 15 -> 1 + 5 = 6 -> balance (IC #6). 528 is the key that unlocks the power of Love in our lives. To be in possession of the knowledge imparted by 528 is to be in possession of the key that unlocks balance within Creation, and thus the individual can slowly achieve perfection in all aspects of his life as he slowly achieves a conscious experience (IC #5) of Love. In other words, the individual literally becomes the Creator within His own Creation.

Love is the balance of all. The power of Love is in itself an extreme that does not subscribe to any known extreme in particular but at the same time implies going to all extremes all the time. That is why the keyword balance taken in a Loving context is very important, because in no way does it mean that we should forsake a material reality for a strictly spiritual one. On the contrary, we must achieve balance between material and spiritual so that we can make a synthesis of both and create an even more powerful reality for ourselves. The goal is to embrace and love your life, and whatever reality it may contain, in the most powerful way. Thus we may consider 528 as a bridge between the material and spiritual realms -- a bridge made of Love.

We are now going to interpret 528 and its cyclic permutations according to the numerology of the Thirteen Intentions. Notice that "quantity (IC #2) of infinite (IC #8) energy (IC #5)" is quite a contradictory statement: how can infinity be a quantity when infinity by definition is beyond any quantity? Well, this is actually a confirmation of what we discussed previously about the need of the Unlimited (Love) to become limited. Certainly, to quantify Love, which is infinite energy, is to create a paradox, an error in the logical sense, and yet this is absolutely required for the advent / genesis of Creation.

528 -> life (IC #5) line (IC #2) to infinity (IC #8)                  
528 -> potential (IC #5) dimension (IC #2) of extrapolation (IC #8)   
528 -> product (IC #5) of polar (IC #2) extremes (IC #8)              

528 <=> 285 -> quantity (IC #2) of infinite (IC #8) energy (IC #5)    
528 <=> 285 -> linear (IC #2) cumulative (IC #8) power (IC #5)        
528 <=> 285 -> diversity (IC #2) of extreme (IC #8) forces (IC #5)    

528 <=> 852 -> great (IC #8) opportunity (IC #5) for challenge (IC #2)
528 <=> 852 -> maximum (IC #8) energy (IC #5) differentiation (IC #2) 
528 <=> 852 -> augmented (IC #8) experience (IC #5) of duality (IC #2)
Schematics 4.#

We find important clues regarding the meaning of life when we interpret 528 numerologically. For example, since 528 reflects Love, the Will of the Creator, we find out that this Will is primarily set on the act of living, but living in the greatest (IC #8) possible (IC #5) way (line - IC #2). The Creator wants to see life in its full (infinite) extension / expression. In a sense, the Creator is saying, "Hey, take this life / opportunity and push it toward infinity... Make the most of it! Live without limits!" And to make sure this notion is followed through, He has to pepper life full with challenges (IC #2) so that it becomes a fertile ground of opportunities (IC #5) for spiritual lessons that indirectly enable the Creator to know and love Himself better. The moral of this story is that life is a learning ground for the spirit, and thus it is imperative that we learn how to maximize (IC #8) our learning process. Everyone wins when the Creator learns more about Himself.

Figure 4.# - Diagonal vs. horizontal

Notice that 528 can mean a horizontal (IC #5) line (IC #2) to infinity (IC #8) and a horizonal (IC #5) line (IC #2) elevated (IC #8). Both interpretations are valid and show how 528 is a combination of horizontal and vertical to form a diagonal line that represents the elevation of the line of life to a higher plane, a spiritual plane. As we saw in Figure 4.#, the "final frontier" of the real world, hence life, has everything to do with spirituality (IC #9). However, we cannot forget that, in the case of 528, digit 5 is preceding 8, and so the right way to interpter this number is to imagine that first we have a horizontal process, gets transfomed into a a diagonal process by goign through a verticalization (spiritualization). We have already studied such concepts in 4.2 - Energetics when we ascribed a diagonal line to energetic growth according to the absolute variable of the universe, and then we learned that this process has a horizontal and vertical component. 528 is both the process in full as well as just an horizonal component.

The idea of living your life to the fullest certainly reminds us of the very popular enjoy-your-life philosophy, but may be bliding us from the respnsibility of manifesting joy through a lot of hard (extreme - IC #8) work (IC #5). (Note: 8 + 5 = 13 -> IC #13 -> Love, the ultimate joy.) To simply go about the day trying to enjoy life is a cop out because you may not being realistic about how much effort is required to do it. Happiness should not be taken for granted. To be happy, one must do sufficient work to culttivate (grow - IC #8) their power (IC #5). Most people, however, will bounce from one extreme to another; first they over-indulge in joy, then they over-indulge in suffering (obsessive-compulsion). But the final step rooted in balance (IC #6) is to be taken by the virtues codified in 528: life is not about working first & having fun later; it is about unifying work with pleasure in the same line of thinking. By managing this you will have fun while working and vice versa, and your productivity (IC #5) and your enjoymenet will rise together; never will one affect or cancel out the other.

528 -> work (IC #5) amount (IC #2) up to infinity (IC #8)  
528 -> 5 + 2 + 8 = 7 + 8 -> pleasure (IC #7) infinite (IC #8)
Schematics 4.#

The frequency of Evolution Image 4.#

[Under construction]

1 Quoted from De Vetula in Nicole Oresme, Le livre du ciel et du monde, ed. Albert D. Menut and Alexander J. Denomy (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1968). De Vetula is a long thirteenth-century (medieval) poem written in Latin, and in its time was attributed to be the autobiography of the classical Latin poet Ovid. ^
2 A cyclic sequence is a sequence in which the first and the last elements are considered adjacent. ^
3 Gematria is an ancient numerological system as well as an occult science in which the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are assigned numerical values so that entire words and sentences extracted from Hebrew scriptures can be converted into numbers that unlock occult meanings and correlations. This kind of numerology was also used with the Greek alphabet. Author Bonnie Gaunt in her book Beginnings: The Sacred Design (Kempton, IL: Adventures Unlimited Press, 2000) analyzes the gematria of the Hebrew and Greek biblical texts in order to find clues of an intelligent (sacred) design for Creation. Gaunt exposes that the gematric value of the Hebrew word for the expression "the breaking forth of light" is 528, which she rightfully calls "the first act of creation." ^

4.4 The final truth

final (IC #12) truth (IC #1) -> 12 + 1 = 13 -> IC #13
Schematics 4.#

The final truth is the Thirteen Intentions of Creation, which by extension means that Intention #13 alone carries the bulk of it. Therefore, everything that you need to know is already contained in the list of Appendix 1. All kinds of meaningful considerations can be derived from a simple yet deep understanding of each listed Intention. "But hey," you might say, "after all, how does the truth of the Thirteen Intentions touch me on a personal level?" If these are your exact feelings, then do not worry, because we are going to attack them in this section.

"Who am I?" is the first and most important question when it comes to finding higher (spiritual) purpose to life. If you can constantly remind yourself of your true identity then you will never have anything to lose. You win the Game when you know who you are. (See about the Game in Section 2.2). The second most important question is "What do I want?", and finally "What should I do?". The goal of this section is to answer this triplet of questions on a deep and spiritual level, because only at this level do we acquire everlasting certainty. (Note: certainty and spirituality are equivalent qualities, since both pertain to Intention #9). Spiritual truths are eternal (IC #13) truths: they do not change even after the universe has dissipated back into nothingness.

Can you answer these three questions to yourself at a level you are comfortable with? Can you be honest with yourself? Notice that any knowledge that you may have is irrelevant for as long as you are not able to answer these three questions with confidence. And no one else can answer them for you, including this book. Just a desire to reproduce this book's information in your life will not be enough if you are not convinced about the material you have read; in the latter case you need to gain comprehension and understanding beyond words that only personal experience can provide. So, it is still necessary that you go out and find your own means to convince yourself about the final truth discussed in this book, otherwise it will go down in your mind as just another "opinion." A jagged little pill of truth that will be expelled in the next bathroom session.

"Who am I?"

It is not hard to answer the first question. Who are you? What are you? Do you identify yourself with your social role, your body, your intellect, your emotions, your spirit, or with something else, something undefinable? Take a look at Intention #13 and see that it corresponds to the idea of being, either in singular or plural form. A living being, for example, is Intention #13 in flesh. Therefore, what you need to convince yourself of is that you as a conscious being and Intention #13 are the same thing. Everything in the universe revolves around the being. It makes no sense for a world to exist if there is not someone in conscious observation of it. Thus, at the center of everything there is you, the being (IC #13).

But it goes even deeper than that when we see that Intention #13 carries on its shoulder several absolute concepts including the main personified aspect of the Absolute: the Creator. Therefore, if the ideas of being and Creator both correlate to Intention #13, then there is no being that is not the Creator. The Creator is the being. This means that at the most spiritual sense / level of who you are, you are the Creator. Make no mistake about it -- this is to be taken as fact and not just as metaphorical allusion. Also, you are the Creator in full and not just a "piece" of Him. Much evidence can be deduced from the Intentions alone, particularly the Intentional fact that the Creator is the only one (IC #1) who exists (IC #3): 1 + 3 -> 13 -> Creator (IC #13), so a being that is conscious, meaning it recognizes its own individual (IC #1) existence (IC #3), must be the Creator experiencing Himself. That is, even when multiple beings are present, it is always just the same divine being looking at itself from different viewpoints.

Figure 4.# - I am the Torus

Figure 4.# (4.# extended)

In Figure 4.# above, observe the many points of light that are visible when we are standing at the torus' outer surface and looking outward. These points are the many "stars" constituting the "light show" that is the universe to us. The universe can be literally thought of as an outer space filled with many lights that catch our attention and for a while make us forget about exploring the void space within ourselves. But then, as we start looking inward instead, there is a shift in our perspective so that the points we were used to find outside are now being found (reflected) inside, but only those that can lighten up our interior and thus fill up some of its space. Most difficult is that we reach a third stage when we stop attempting to fill our inner void but rather allow our divinity to fill it in. The second stage could only go as far as illuminating portions of our inner surface leading to the divine light at the center. Therefore, eliminating all shadows of our being requires that we stop looking outward, start equating outer space with inner space to assist in the localization of our center, and then shift focus to the center until we assume its place to become the light that expands and fills our entire universe.

Essentially, what you are on a spiritual level is the god of your own dreamed up universe. You are already an infinite being with infinite power to alter / manipulate reality as you wish. You are your own god. It just happens that you may be suffering from amnesia of this fact that impairs your ability to access the full extent of your power, but at the same time you can learn virtues that do not come when whatever you think of manifests itself without delay or resistance. In a spiritual reality only, as soon as you want it, you have it. But with the presence of a physical universe, it offers a challenge on this aspect. If you cannot grasp this where you are now, just know that in higher densities of existence, where reality is more malleable and hence less bound by physical rules, the truth of who you are would be better reflected by the world around you. You would experience less disconnection (latency) between thought and manifestation.

It is indeed a 180 degree turn that you have to make to convince yourself that all the power in the universe is already yours. Everything around you seems to point to the contrary notion that you are powerless by yourself and hence dependent on a pre-established system of the universe. Well, how original can this be when you learn that almost everyone out there suffers the same plight? The most lacking trait in the world is self-confidence. People cultivate the belief that they are insignificant and unworthy compared to the "big" universe, and that is why you as an individual should go against the widespread feeling of inferiority by starting to believe in yourself more than anything else. People on the other hand will continue to believe in everything under the sun before they start believing in themselves. They are afraid of the idea that they too are powerful beyond measure. Notice that almost every person has faith in some institution (e.g., religion, society, economy, science) except in themselves; they believe in some form of higher power except for themselves.

Not every creature can be said to be the Creator. Certainly, every creature is an extension of Him, but not everyone is the Creator in His full (IC #10) presence. It is more realistic to say that this is a "privilege" of only a few, or perhaps only of one: you. However, there is nothing very special about it when you know that all of those who are the Creator are also those who already know this or at least suspect about it. The others simply do not know it and/or do not care about it. It is what it is: the Creator / Spirit is not fully present in everyone; sometimes a creature is only an extension of Him like a probing machine designed to collect and feed additional data to the Source. As in an unmanned space exploration mission, the controller does not need to lock his awareness to the machine because the same operates on automatic and does what it needs to do according to its programming.

That you are the Creator is a simple truth, yet it holds enormous philosophical implications, of which the most important is solipsism: the philosophical idea that only the self (you) exists and so the external world cannot have an independent existence. In other words, you are completely alone in your endless existence, and there is nothing you can do about it except learn to cope with it. There is no universe that is not your universe. Everything is your mind's creation, including even other persons who appear to be conscious like you. The world, not mattering how much unfamiliar and unpredictable, is a product of your imagination. It's all you.

Let us use the Intentions to check if solipsism is true: only (IC #1) the self (IC #12) -> 1 + 12 = 13 -> IC #13; also, lone (IC #1) existence (IC #3) -> 1 + 3 -> 13 -> IC #13. Regardless of what the Intentions tell us, solipsism will always remain as a hypothesis that cannot be proved or disproved by any practical means. Add to this fact that we are talking about something that can impart an enormous sense of responsibility on whoever comes to mind it. The slightest possibility that this theory might be true is terrifying to most people. After all, who the hell wants to be the sole responsible for all of Creation? It is perfectly normal that we find it much easier to believe that we are neither alone or responsible.

Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true. Francis Bacon

But solipsism is not as bad as one might think. Although you are alone, it does not mean that you are supposed to feel lonely all of the time. When one is comfortable with themselves, they can be alone and never lonely. Loneliness is actually a feeling of incompleteness, which can be alleviated when you know that other entities are other aspects of you, missing pieces of you, and thus you can always recognize something of yourself in them. As you further interact with them, you are complementing your being; you are rediscovering (incorporating) traits that compose your full-being personality. Some traits may be alien to you at first, but they turn familiar after a while. Therefore, the more you get to know your universe and all the creatures in it, the more complete / whole you will feel. Exploring the universe is the same as exploring yourself.

There is a classic counter-argument that people use against the "I am God" thesis: how one can be all-powerful and still suffer with mundane limitations? Well, the problem with such reasoninig lies in that it fails to to take into account the relativity present in the cocnept of infinity, because one who is all-powerful must by definition have access to a source infintie power. The idea of the Creator having infinite power is not a clear-cut case: He does not need to have infinite power in practice, although he does possess it in theory. All that endless power that he could theoretically make use of in an instant will assume well-defined (finite) values in the real world, simply because everything that exists comes attached to certain amount of energy. So the Creator, when incarnated, still conserves infinte potnetial, but his pwoer level may vary depending on how much energy he chooses to invoke at any one time, which in turns depends on which role and perspective he is assuming to have for himself, aand msot importantly -- what rules (limitations) he is establishing for himself.

To explain why the Creator would choose to cap his power, first we have to make a distinction between the lower self and the higher self. The higher self is a direct personification of the Creator and it has always existed. The lower self is just a temporary expression of the Creator. (more on hte higer self schematics i n chapter ) Now, taking your percpetion of time as the basis of analysis an bd equating your current self withyour lower self, o it maks no sense Talking about a state in which you existed "before" your birth. allcorcened with, that you had a beginning, you exists now, and thta you will reach your end, is the only things for certain. when it comes to the your higher self,which possess eternal life, it hasn't always been your lowrer self, and will continue to be even after the latter is gone, with this in mind, indeed we can make a linear analysis that, once upon a time, you, as your h.s., were a spiritual being who allowed yourself to descend into physicality to experience a mortal existence.

Why does an infinite being decides to stop being infinite and instead takes on the mantle of limitation, namely physical existence? The answer as we already know is 825: to gather (IC #8) experiences (IC #5) that facilitate spiritual growth (learning) with the end goal being a stronger connection to Love / Source / Truth / Oneself / etc. Therefore, in this state of separation (IC #2) from its Creator identity, the entity has handicapped itself for the purpose of new / further experience. By sacrificing the higher self (i.e., oneself), one gives birth to the lower self that evolves up to the point of becoming a stronger version of the late higher self, which did not die actually but went through a process of rebirth that needed the lower self as a catalyst. Surely, the Creator should not need to evolve if He is already All That Is, but His spirit does -- The spirit is always in a quest for more, and the only way to do that is by continuous self-sacrifice.

How does one do this exactly? In truth it all comes down to the word pretend (IC #13). when you are already everything that you can possibly be, he only way to be anything else, hence "more," is by pretending that you are less. This is the reason of the semeingly conardcitory (paradoxical) nature of Existence, since Conscioussness is actually pretending (validating) that which is false! one has to actually pretend not to know bout their divine nature, the only way to "forget" theyve creates an ilussin / dram and then proceeded to trap themselves inside it. In a sense it is like creating a cage, locking oneself inside it and throwing away the key. and then pretending that none of this happened! Forgetting the truth for a while is required to force a rediscovery of It, which leads to greater appreciation of It. You have to forget your godly nature and put yourself in a situation that offers challenge, otherwise you are left with an empty, lonely and boring existence. Pretension is the only way to validate the illusion, namely your universe, and make it real, and thus make it into a a formidable challenge. The good news is that If what you are originally is Creator pretending to be you, then you can turn the tables, which is the real trick, and PRETEND to be Creator.

Almost everyone out there is looking for external salvation. You on the other hand should know that you are already your own savior. Since you are the source of all creation, then there is absolutely no other source out there with enough power to save you. You are the only one who can initiate a permanent change in your life. Any wind of change not directly initiated by you is temporary and will leave you the same or worse off as soon as the dust settles. Any help that you are apparently receiving from the Universe is only because you deserved it in the first place -- congratulations and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Maybe you have worked for it on a level that you are not aware of, a spiritual one perhaps, since you have allowed (IC #13) it to happen in your life; you have opened room in your life for it to take place. It is OK to thank the Universe, but also remember to acknowledge your own work. A little faith does not hurt, but you must also use your intellect and remember the way things work in practice: through sheer effort and nothing else. Authentic spirituality has nothing to do with faith; by the contrary, it is all about being smart enough to do the right thing according to the Thirteen Intentions.

To know that you have total responsibility for what you choose to create and experience is very important on many levels. Living this truth means taking responsibility for everything in Life and to stop blaming things / beings that you perceive to be outside of yourself. Self-responsibility is the solution to many types of problems discussed in Chapter 5, specially those dealing with one's health and well-being. The mistake is to pretend that the problem is not there, or worse, pretend it is not your creation. It is easier to blame something else apart from your own actions than it is to ask yourself honestly, "What am I doing to create this?" Do not take this wrong: you are not responsible for other people's creations, but the moment you allow their creations to affect you in some way (i.e., physically, emotionally, psychologically), that is because they have become a part of your universe / experience, and so you enter the picture as a co-creator who shares equal responsibility. Sometimes we are too weak to remain unaffected by some force, and so we end up being a part of it whether we like it or not. Deep inside, however, it is only a consequence of our own creations for the purpose of experience.

That you are Creator / God is precisely the answer you would get by the end of the most arduous brainstorming session on the nature of reality and consciousness. All other answers contain ideas that involve delegation of personal responsibility to an outside agency, which is the reason why they are most appealing to the general public. Yet the biggest blow will come only after you have used this knowledge of your true identity to answer the last two questions posed at the beginning of this section; because that is when you will realize the extent of the responsibility you have. The knowledge discussed here, by itself, will not work wonders in practice, since even though you are a god, you still have many self-imposed limitations to overcome. Also, everything and everyone is Creator anyway, directly or indirectly. Flaunting your "title" does you no good -- you must also prove it.

Many people today don't want honest answers insofar as honest means unpleasant or disturbing, They want a soft answer that turneth away anxiety. Louis Kronenberger

"What do I want?"

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"What should I do?"

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4.5 Decision making

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