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The Thirteen Intentions of Creation



Appendix 1 - Extended descriptions for the Intentions of Creation

Intention #1

Directives Unification, Origination, Simplification, Principiation, Singularization, Individualization, Prioritization, Adoration, Representation, Exemplification, Idealization, Declaration, Motivation
Qualities autonomy, unity, individuality, monocularity, originality, priority, simplicity, singularity
Concepts absoluteness, choice, idea, individual, origin, nature, point, principle, purpose, truth, uniqueness, unit
Adoration: To be the best. To be the adored one.
Declaration: To declare your choices.
Individualization: To cultivate your individuality. To distinguish yourself.
Motivation: To always have a motive, a purpose.
Origination: To give credit to the original version of things.
Principiation: To take the first step. To have principles.
Prioritization: To identify what is more important.
Representation: To be a leader. To be an example.
Simplification: To simplify toward the quantity of one.
Singularization: To reduce toward the quantity of one.
Unification: To make everything into one. To be one with everything.
Phrases - "Begin at the beginning."
- "The first step is the most difficult, but also the most important."
- "There can be only one."

Intention #2

Directives Polarization, Differentiation, Linearization, Mensuration, Rationalization, Isolation, Delineation, Limitation, Identification, Separation, Classification
Qualities diversity, polarity, duality, linearity, dimensionality, rationality, quantity
Concepts challenge, definition, failure, length, limit, line, opposition, pole, value, quantity
Delineation: To define the boundaries between things well.
Identification: To point something out. To identify a problem before rushing to find a solution.
Polarization: To cut through the nonsense to the essential challenge.
Limitation: To establish limits.
Phrases - "One thing at a time."

Intention #3

Directives Activation, Animation, Manifestation, Realization, Electrization, Stimulation, Circulation, Creation, Automation, Imagination, Externalization
Qualities activity, electricity, reality, creativity, visibility
Concepts action, circuit, creation, cycle, current, effect, expression, illusion, image, light, stimulus, vision
Activation: To put things into circulation. To get things up and running.
Automation: To be like a robot.
Manifestation: To bring something into existence.
Realization: To get things done.
Phrases - "Just do it."
- "Let there be light!"

Intention #4

Directives Formation, Formalization, Solidification, Foundation, Structuration, Materialization, Objectification, Concretization
Qualities objectivity, physicality, spatiality, solidity, supportability
Concepts base, body, form, material, model, object, objective, structure, system, thing
Formation: To give form and shape to something.
Foundation: To build a strong structure, a firm basis.
Concretization: To aim for concrete results.
Phrases -

Intention #5

Directives Potentiation, Energization, Excitation, Vitalization, Acceleration, Irradiation, Exploration, Experimentation, Corporation, Humanization, Movimentation
Qualities aggressivity, energy, horizontality, humanity, opportunity, potency, productivity, vitality
Concepts adventure, effort, explosion, experience, power, perception, practice, force, human, life, movement, radiance, risk, smartness, strain, work
Corporation: To perform physical exercises.
Excitation: To do what excites you.
Experimentation: To jump into an exciting adventure.
Exploration: To take an opportunity.
Irradiation: To irradiate great energy (potency).
Phrases - "Seize the day."

Intention #6

Directives Compensation, Accommodation, Equilibration, Variation, Oscillation, Alternation, Equalization, Fluctuation, Mentalization
Qualities equality, periodicity, variety
Concepts wave, balance, equilibrium, pendulum, time, intelligence, mind
Equalization: To seek equal distribution between parts.
Equilibration: Do not favor one thing over another too much.

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Intention #7

Directives Harmonization, Syntonization, Stabilization, Reverberation, Sensation, Vibration, Intonation, Inspiration, Situation, Orientation, Association, Organization
Qualities harmony, syntony, frequency, stability
Concepts feeling, sound, music, plan, pleasure, order, tone, alignment, sum, wisdom, well-being
Harmonization: Keep things in equilibrium.
Syntonization: To get in tune with something.
Inspiration: Seek what inspires you.

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Intention #8

Directives Maximization, Magnification, Amplification, Accumulation, Augmentation, Verticalization, Exaggeration, Extrapolation, Multiplication
Qualities extremity, infinity, multiplicity
Concepts ambition, excess, gain, greatness, growth, magnitude, maximum
Phrases - "Think big."
- "The sky is the limit."
- "The more, the better."

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Intention #9

Directives Spiritualization, Nullification, Annihilation, Cancellation, Certification, Confirmation, Internalization, Specification, Centralization, Meditation, Anticipation, Liberation
Qualities certainty, spirituality, impeccability
Concepts abstraction, centeredness, discipline, essence, exactitude, focus, interior, peace, shift, solution, spirit, zero
Nullification: To clear a debt as soon as possible.
Certification: To achieve a high degree of certainty about things.
Specification: To go directly to the point.
Anticipation: To make sure something happens before it is too late.
Liberation: To get rid of certain things for greater peace of mind.
Phrases - "The sooner, the better."
- "The only way out is within."

Intention #10

Directives Integration, Assimilation, Adaptation, Particularization, Divination, Instantiation, Concentration, Densification, Intensification, Totalization, Optimization
Qualities density, divinity, indivisibility, insignificancy, instantaneity, intensity, integrity, totality, relativity
Concepts centeredness, completeness, control, detail, instance, instant, paradox, particle, present, wholeness, world
Optimization: To account for all details.
Phrases - "It is now or never."
- "God is in the details."
- "A little won't hurt."

Intention #11

Directives Approximation, Regulation, Moderation, Adequation, Preparation, Destination, Qualification, Graduation
Qualities destiny, quality, proximity, sufficiency, tendency
Concepts evolution, fitness, incompletion, persistence, progression
Phrases - "Don't stop until you get enough."
- "Don't give up."

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Intention #12

Directives Finalization, Termination, Crystalization, Personification, Cooperation, Communication, Dedication, Sacrification, Universalization, Dissemination, Solicitation, Conscientization
Qualities community, personality, finality, university
Concepts self, consciousness, concept, crystal, decision, end, exit, death, completion, perfection, universe
Phrases - "It only ends when it ends."
- "Everything comes to an end."

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Intention #13

Mantra I AM
Directives Acceptation, Perpetuation, Salvation, Immortalization, Preservation, Propagation, Continuation, Transformation, Regeneration, Purification, Renovation
Qualities constancy, eternity, immortality, purity, spontaneity
Concepts being, change, flow, freedom, free-will, miracle, new, permanence, perseverance, remembrance, revolution, transcendence, transition, ascension
Absolute concepts Absolute, Balance, Consciousness, Creation, Creator, Divine, Eternal, Existence, God, Infinity, Isness, Life, Love, Now, One, Oneness, Reality, Self, Singularity, Source, Spirit, Triad, Truth, Unity, Void, Whole, Will
Immortalization: To exist forever.
Perpetuation: To make sure that something lasts forever.
Purification: To purify yourself physically and mentally.
Phrases - "Change is the only constant."
- "Everything is transitory."
- "Everything will flow."
- "It's never over."
- "The end is a new beginning."

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