The Final Truth

A Theory of Practice

The Thirteen Intentions of Creation

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The Final Truth - A Theory of Practice
The Thirteen Intentions of Creation
Gustavo Henrique ("gus")
A Theory of Everything (TOE) based on spiritual practical principles.

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A plea from the Author

Beware what you seek for you may just find it!

Dear open-minded reader, I'm not trying to sound arrogant, but there is no other way to express my situation. When you know the truth (behind everything) on an intellectual level, you pretty much reach a dead end in your human quest for knowledge and omniscience. From the point when you decide that you want the ultimate knowledge, to the point when you finally discover something deep, it's like you are falling into a dark abyss with no end or bottom in sight. When you finally hit the ground, not only it hurts tremendously, but you are faced with a new challenge of climbing your way back to the surface with the added weight of treasures on your back. In addition the impact makes you lose almost all the enthusiasm that you had when you were just a regular truth-seeking person. This has happened to me. I am no longer like most of you who are struggling to make sense of life, the universe and everything else, which is not to say that I don't have problems; it is just that my problems lie on another level -- they are of a practical nature rather than theoretical or philosophical.

I really, really, really wish that I had already finished this book. I really wish to share everything I know with you FOR FREE. But I just can't... I mean, it's ridiculous! There is a monstrous invisible force blocking me. Upon the first thought of "maybe I should just sit and write some more", I get an ill feeling. It is a spiritual blockage that has also extended to other areas of my life, and to be frank, my productivity rate has been on the low for quite some time. If I try to move towards my work desk, confusion sets in, my body freezes, and something saps my energy making me want to go to sleep. It's almost like I may be revealing too much truth with this book and the universe is going on its way to prevent me from piercing the nature of reality and triggering a mass awakening of humanity. Who knows?

I was extra tired for many years. I taught myself English and a bit of German because I wanted to delve into online research. It's a miracle that my head didn't explode during the time I was riding on the brain-storming process of "have to know the truth." But now, I just feel like enjoying my findings. I hardly find myself in the mood to continue with this book and this website. But you now what? FUCK ENJOYMENT and FUCK RELAXATION. Deep inside I still wish to work even harder, night and day, FOR YOU. I want to sacrifice every atom of my being. "Oh, but you should give yourself a break... Now that you have found the truth, you should be happy!" FUCK NO! I want to continue my quest of sharing my knowledge and experiences; I want to be your HERO, and then there's also this nasty part of me that wants to SLAM the truth DOWN THE THROATS of people until they CHOKE. No vomit sacks allowed. I want them to go through what I went. It wasn't easy, I can tell you that much.

Don't get me wrong. I'm no longer seeking approval, confirmation, or people to discuss my theories with. I'm confident in my knowledge to the point of obsession. I have lost the desire to convince people, because I know that most are not really interested in matters of truth. People don't like straight-talk solutions; they prefer secrecy, redundancy, complexity, mystery and ambiguity. My greatest accomplishment is that I have a functional and complete theory of Creation. Applying such theory in practice, however, is a never-ending task. And if that's not enough, there is the ensuing problem of lack of motivation. I have lost my motivation to write, research, produce, and above all, create. How come? Well, knowing too much is like murdering the curious child inside ourselves; you become this bitter all-knowing self-conceited lonely person who is lazy about everything except when it comes to preaching their own pre-conceived ideas. The good news is that I didn't give up on trying to find a way to bring my innocence back. When I was younger and ignorant, I used to be very creative. Now I'm enjoying a genius-level intellect, yet my creative ability seems to have atrophied. Look everybody! Up in the sky comes the LAZY superman!

For this and other reasons, I struggled for a long time to develop a formula to give myself motivation anywhere anytime. Most humans live their lives without having to worry about the complexities of how to find purpose and obtain inspiration. This sort of thing comes to them automatically from their contract (responsibility) within society: family, marriage, government, friendship, career, etc. In other words, they don't need to develop self-motivation because the world already provides them with a massive amount of stimuli. However, when you explore the nature of reality, you start alienating yourself to become an extreme individualist; you gravitate towards becoming a 100% self-motivated individual who only acts in accordance to your own principles. Things like blindly obeying authority figures and following societal norms do not exist to me. Everything I do, I do out of my own will; otherwise I won't lift a finger. It is not even funny how long it took me to arrive at a formula to create motivation. But I am glad to announce that I have a working method now, which is by the way the summit of what I was going to write about in Chapter 4. The ability to create (IC #3) motivation (IC #1) within yourself is the Magnum opus; it is the final and most important piece of a Theory of Practice.

The Great Work [Magnum opus] is, before all things, the creation of man by himself, that is to say, the full and entire conquest of his faculties and his future; it is especially the perfect emancipation of his will.

Guided by my recent findings I realized that I need to receive FEEDBACK from people in order to obtain motivation for this book. Without feedback it's pointless because you are just writing to yourself stuff that you already know, specially if you are doing it for free. Without your help, I am nobody. Without your input, I cannot function. God knows I have considered abandoning everything to live the rest of my life meditating in a far-out mountain cave. You see, it is precisely this spontaneous and unexpected input from strangers or friends that enlightens our day and gives us the energy to live and seek more. Apparently, the spiritual entity inside each one of us is lonely and can only function for so long until it drops down exhausted and then starts crying for some company. I made the fatal mistake of thinking that I could go on by myself indefinitely.

Long story short, I need people to keep sending their questions or comments, even stupid or negative ones, because this is what tingles my spirit and thus motivates me to make a further effort to continue with my work. I would not be writing this if I wasn't already desperate. If you have a question, send me an e-mail, use the forum, or click on one of the feedback buttons that are included in every section of this book. I may even send a little cash (cents) to your PayPal account everytime you ask a question, but you need to include your PayPal e-mail address with your message. You may receive an answer right inside the feedback box or I may repost your question on the forum anonymously and answer it there. It is not guaranteed that I will answer every question, much less pay, but in any case your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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